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Brass MSBS Button from 1946

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York County Button Club

NEWSLETTER - Volume 2 Issue 12 - December 2006

A Letter from the Editor:

November’s meeting was held at the magnificent Markley home in Hollis. It’s always fun when someone new comes and gets the tour because we all get to see it again! This month it was Pat Wolfe, who had not been there before. Thank you, John and Mary, for your generosity in sharing your house with us on meeting days. There is always something new to explore.

I’m finding it difficult to devote much time to writing, preparing, and sending out the newsletter, so this is the last one, unless someone else wants to take up the gauntlet. Let me know if you want to do it and I can give you the template.

I had prepared a second crossword puzzle at the time I did the one that appeared in an earlier newsletter. I don’t want it to go to waste, so I am including it this month, along with the answers (no peeking until you finish it).

This month’s button is from my collection and is Battersea’s 2002 Christmas button. It’s called Father Winter and is made of fine pewter with silver plate. It is 1 ¼” in diameter and has their patented facial shank on the back.

Christmas Designs and Mountings

From Sally Luscomb's The Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons

Many designs pertaining to the Christmas season are found on buttons – manger scenes, the Holy Family, the Three Wise Men, shepherds, and a star, to name a few. Raphael’s Sistine Madonna and the Cherubs have been separately copied on buttons. Collectors have added to the Christmas-design group by including Santa Claus, stars, holly, mistletoe, Christmas trees, wreaths, and other such representations.

Special Christmas button arrangements can be made by including seasonal pictures. For example, buttons resembling toys can be mounted with a pasted-up colored picture of a Christmas tree.

Note: Sally include this picture of a Christmas wreath made with modern buttons. This would be a great project at the holiday times.

I found this cute book at amazon.com. It would make a great gift for a grandchild – or anyone who likes Necco Wafers!

Christmas Buttons (Necco Candy Button Series)

Readers decorate the charming Christmas-time illustrations with Necco Candy Buttons as Nibbles the mouse teaches them to count to ten. This delicious book is the perfect stocking-stuffer for children who are learning their numbers. Each book is packaged with Necco Candy Buttons.

From the Back Cover

Nibble Me Books are the only children's books that combine sweet treats with solid educational principles to make reading and learning great fun! By eating the correct Candy Buttons while reading the story, your child gains knowledge and understanding of basic pre-school concepts such as: elementary counting, following instructions, and fine motor skills. Look for all three Nibble Me Books in the holiday series--Easter Buttons, Halloween Buttons, Christmas Buttons.



  • 1. The muse of lyrical poetry
  • 5. Australian bird
  • 8. Spirit from The Tempest
  • 13. Roman god of war
  • 14. Roman goddess of hunting
  • 15. Object of worship
  • 16. Paul __ (‘60s teen idol)
  • 17. Prefix meaning new
  • 18. First name of a Dan Brown theme character
  • 19. United Kingdom
  • 20. Spanish yes
  • 22. In the location of
  • 24. Symbol for the element samarium
  • 25. Mens’ clothing brand
  • 27. 1996 presidential contender
  • 30. Two Greek gods: of flocks and shepherds/of mockery (3 wds)
  • 31. What a bee can do
  • 33. Association (abbrev)
  • 36. Name of a stamped brass button under Insects
  • 37. Noted English composer
  • 38. Impish cherub-like figures but without wings
  • 39. Type of musical composition
  • 40. Story of Ole Bull (2 wds)
  • 45. Future tense of the Welsh word bod
  • 46. Italian sandwiches
  • 48. Field Officer (abbrev)
  • 50. Symbol for the element silenium
  • 51. Abbreviated area in Maine’s northern territories
  • 52. Myself
  • 53. Greek god of war
  • 56. __ culpa
  • 58. Scrutinize
  • 60. Past subjunctive of be
  • 61. Roman god of love
  • 62. __ __ Brutus?
  • 63. The __ Wind button
  • 64. A place for school sports
  • 65. Roman goddess of agriculture


  • 1. __ peints
  • 2. Position in society
  • 3. Chest containing the Ten Commandments
  • 4. Transportation Security Administration (abbrev)
  • 5. German article
  • 6. Priestess that followed Bacchus
  • 7. One in Mexico
  • 9. Edge
  • 10. Marriage vow
  • 11. A long time (pl)
  • 12. South American mammal
  • 20. Members of the class Aves having a melodious call
  • 21. Feminine name
  • 22. Bustle
  • 23. Improve one’s station in life (3 wds)
  • 25. A made-up nonword (or, for the crossword police – 3 abbrevs:internet protocol, identification, and a Maylaysian Energy Provider)
  • 26. Crazy plaything
  • 28. Author of The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Buttons
  • 29. Members of a monastic brotherhood
  • 31. VCR recording speed
  • 32. 19th letter of the Greek alphabet
  • 34. Advanced in years
  • 35. With regard to clothing, medical unit of measure
  • 41. Insecticide
  • 42. Inducing shivery apprehension
  • 43. Hawaiian Standard Time (abbrev)
  • 44. Debussy’s Afternoon of __ __
  • 47. Roman goddess of love
  • 49. Black-and-white cookie
  • 52. Partner in life
  • 54. Blunder
  • 55. Put in position
  • 56. To make a face
  • 57. Goal
  • 58. Bishop’s office
  • 59. Center (abbrev)

For Answers See Below.